Hotels in Sauraha Chitwan will be in operation from 30th July 2020

Tourism entrepreneurs in Sauraha of Chitwan, a town on the edge of Chitwan National Park, have decided to reopen their businesses from this 30th July 2020,  after a gap of four months.

The decision follows the government’s decision to let tourism activities resume after the end of the lockdown imposed to control the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Deepak Bhattarai, the Regional Hotel Association president in Sauraha, says the hotels will adopt special measures to minimize the risk of infection.

However, the entrepreneurs have not expected much footfall as the monsoon is not a good season to travel, Bhattarai maintains, adding, “Long-route buses are also not in operation, so are flights. But still, it will give a message that Sauraha is open. Whoever comes here, we will serve them with respect and precautions.”
Meanwhile, 110 hotels in Sauraha Chitwan are preparing to announce new offers targeting domestic tourists.